Stacey Saunders is a Silverdale Washington attorney providing legal and mediation solutions for business start-ups, employment relationships and intellectual property protection.

Resolve Conflict and Rebuild Key Relationships

Many business and community conflicts escalate because emotions run high and the parties are unable to communicate effectively. Lawyers become involved, which usually means people stop speaking directly with each other. They raise their guards, become defensive, and worry about mounting legal costs. The barriers to successful negotiation may seem formidable, even though the core problem is often resolved by a simple roundtable meeting between the parties. A neutral, safe setting and a skilled mediator can offer just that.

Our office provides highly effective mediation services to help parties negotiate pre-litigation issues, often before they reach the courthouse steps. We conduct carefully facilitated half-day and full-day negotiation sessions to answer questions such as:

  • How can an employee satisfy job expectations to ensure ongoing employment?
  • What factors are involved in balancing community concerns about view easements against individual property development rights?
  • Who is responsible for completing services in a partnership agreement?
  • What happens when the items shipped by a supplier under a sales contract differ from a customer’s view of what was actually delivered?

Why Mediation?

Mediation Allows the Parties to Determine the Outcome. Mediation clients (either with or without attorney representation) have an opportunity to determine their own settlement, instead of risking a court-imposed judgment or an arbitrator’s determination. These solutions can be much more creative and designed to satisfy the various needs of all parties involved.

Mediation Can Restore Ongoing Relationships. Mediation clients have an opportunity to listen and be heard during mediation, unlike in an adversarial courtroom setting. They usually leave with a better understanding of how to communicate in the future, which can help prevent further conflicts in ongoing business, employment, and community relationships.

Mediation Agreements are Legally Binding. A signed mediation agreement spells out the terms that the parties have agreed to and is fully enforceable as a written contracct.

Mediation is Confidential. Mediation clients can agree that none of the issues discussed during mediation will be disclosed outside of this private meeting, including during any future litigation. More importantly, by keeping the issues away from the courtroom, the parties prevent public disclosure of private matters and potentially adverse legal judgments.

Early Mediation Can Save Considerably On Legal Fees. Mediation clients can agree to share the costs of the mediation session, which are often only a few hours of professional time. These costs are relatively low when compared to ongoing attorney fees for each party’s legal research, case interviews, drafting and filing costs.

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