Stacey Saunders is a Silverdale Washington attorney providing legal and mediation solutions for business start-ups, employment relationships and intellectual property protection.

Lawyers Don't Have to be Intimidating to be Effective

Stacey Saunders has practiced law in the Seattle/Puget Sound area since 2001. Her practice is founded upon the principle that people work better in settings that are comfortable, collaborative, and allow for creative exploration of alternative solutions. Stacey focuses primarily on small business needs, including corporate organization, entity management, employment, and business contracts. Her background as a professional focus group moderator, market research consultant and small business owner allow her to bring an entrepreneurial, cost-conscious approach to all of her legal work. Stacey’s experience across a broad range of industries also helps her to understand the unique legal needs of her clients and to quickly grasp complex issues related to diverse business practices.

Stacey is a certified mediator and facilitator for the Washington Mediation Association and Kitsap County Dispute Resolution Center. She has successfully negotiated complex multi-party conflicts involving employment, land use, foreclosure, landlord-tenant issues, contract disputes, and dissolution. Stacey is highly skilled at bringing parties together to achieve mutually-agreeable solutions, often without resorting to a more adversarial approach.

Stacey’s clients comment that she is very approachable and easy to work with. In addition to regularly serving as a volunteer mediator in Kitsap County Small Claims Court, Stacey serves on the Kitsap DRC’s Board of Directors and the WSBA’s Land Use and Environmental Mediation Standing Committee. She was awarded a pro bono publico service commendation for her work and is strongly committed to furthering alternative dispute resolution efforts and best practices in Washington.

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